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Marco Rosas – Reporter
Marco Rosas is a 21 year old from Madera, California and he is a communications major at Fresno City College who hopes to transfer to Fresno State to pursue his bachelor's. He is a full-time student who is brand new to the Rampage. He may not be seasoned when it comes to journalism but his creative writing experience dates back to his high school days. Marco has been writing beat poetry since he was 14 and has even competed in Fresno’s local Inner Ear Poetry Slam of the past 3 years. Marco has expressed interest in broadening his writing abilities and he looks forward to learning the ropes from his fellow Rampage staff members and throwing his hat into the reporting arena with the Rampage news team. Aside from beat poetry he has been involved in athletics for the past 2 years as well, dabbling in Mixed Martial Arts, Crossfit, and Boxing. He coached beginners and children’s boxing in the summer of 2016 and is a member at the Crossfit Madera gym that will be hosting the Crossfit Games which opens this year in early February and into March. Though he is not quite sure where his education will lead him, Marco is a firm believer that knowledge is not more or less valuable relative to its applicability and that life is not a race. Being that his major leaves many doors waiting to be opened, he says he is more than happy to take his time opening them and finding what they have in store for him.

Marco Rosas, Reporter

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